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We have partnered with the salon services team who help patients with personal care such as haircuts necessary due to chemotherapy.  We are providing care bags for patients - help sponsor one today!

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Families with children in treatment are eligible to apply for funds to help with transportation, home care and meals so that they can focus on what's most important - being present with their child.  Social workers at Children's Hospital of Philadelpia may submit applications on behalf of families in need.  

Ways you can help

Even the smallest action can have a tremendous impact.  Find out how you can make a difference for a family in need.

Every day, children face life altering illness. Families face emotional, physical and financial strains to support their loved ones.  The LIV Foundation's goal is to bring timely support to parents of children with life altering illnesses
so they can live their lives and love unconditionally. While they care for their child we honor their journey.

Supporting families of children facing life altering illness


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